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"When Valerie came to us to manage our projects with our vendor, she took what had become a truly mired and suffering situation and managed to turn it back around into a well-functioning machine.  Within weeks I had gone from dreading our check-ins and the fires that would ensue, to actually looking forward to them as a chance to get updated on my projects and offer insight and direction on them that I knew would make it back to the developers and be put into motion.  Always very professional and courteous, Valerie managed to handle even the most stressful of affairs with coolness and grace, and always ended up getting us through to a resolution. In addition to my projects, I especially appreciated Valerie’s dedication to our companies’ relationship, and that it always be growing and improving to ensure the best experience for both parties concerned.
L.Y., Large Agricultural Cooperative  L.Y., Large Agricultural Cooperative
"I've known Valerie more than 20 years.  In her work she has demonstrated that she is an excellent facilitator, planner and strategist.  Valerie always pursues excellence in all that she undertakes."
Daisy Weaver, Consultant and Former Chief of Staff, City Council, Richmond, VA   Daisy Weaver, Consultant and Former Chief of Staff, City Council, Richmond, VA
"Valerie has a strong commitment to accomplishing what she starts. She has a wonderful rapport with people at all levels. Her ability to connect with individuals is truly superior. She has excellent communication skills, is extremely organized and reliable. Valerie gets the job done!, and with a very positive attitude. It has been a pleasure working with Valerie."
Dr. Christine Fuselier, DM, MBA, MA  Dr. Christine Fuselier, DM, MBA, MA
“I’ve worked with Valerie at Foxfire Consulting for several years on a number of projects for different clients. Her collaborative style helps to bring out clarity and focus on a solution that solves real problems. As a consultant she has helped to provide direction to keep Stakeholders, Performers and management on the same page. Valerie has been a valuable partner I have learned to rely on.”
R. L. - Director of Service Delivery, InRhythm, Inc.   R. L. - Director of Service Delivery, InRhythm, Inc.
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