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Are You Focused on Being a Human ‘Being’ or a Human ‘Doing’

Are You Focused on Being a Human ‘Being’ or a Human ‘Doing’?

It’s easy to find out which one you’re focused on by asking a simple question – when was the last time you created a ‘to be’ list?  I thought so.  Our society has us so focused on doing things; getting things done; making progress; and achieving goals, that we seldom have or take time to contemplate who we are and what we might want to become in the process.  With a ‘to do’ checklist at the ready, I’d write down things I wanted to accomplish and then get such pleasure from checking them off as I completed my tasks.  I’d even put down tasks that I’d done that were not on my list just to be able to cross them off!  Sound familiar? 😊

Now, don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with ‘to do’ lists.  I use them every day and have an app that helps me focus on the three most important things (MITs) each day so I don’t get sidetracked or distracted amongst the countless tasks that need completing.  But there’s more to life than ‘to do’s’ and checklists.

I discovered this at a point in my life where I had burned myself out so completely, I needed to take time off work to recover from the stress I had put on my brain.  Feeling like I had to do more to keep up, catch up or get ahead of the curve that always seemed to be bending.  It was a brain shutdown.  My brain had decided enough was enough and it just couldn’t handle working that hard any longer.  I was forced to give myself a break!

What I realized during my period of mental recuperation, aside from the fact that I was working for the wrong company, was that I needed to take care of me.  On the scale of ‘doership’, I was a master; but when it came time to being, well I was a bit lacking, so I decided to find out what it meant to be a human being.  I’m not talking about the dictionary definition of “being a member of the race of Homo sapiens,” because I think we all know what it means to be human.  But what about the being part?

Here’s one idea:

How am I being right now puts you in touch with your current state of mind.  For example, am I being dismissive or understanding?  Distracted or focused?  A mental “to-be” list can really increase your awareness and help increase your progress toward change.

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