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What is Change Management? And Why You Need It!

What you’re doing today and how you’re doing it, won’t be the same tomorrow. Not if you want to survive! Why???

Because we live in a more volatile, uncertain, ambiguous & complex world. Whether it’s:
• fast-paced changes in technology
• ever-changing customer needs & desires
• dynamic market conditions
• more intense & increased competition
• changes in business direction, structure or leadership
• legislative mandates
• or business growing pains
Companies are not just challenged with change…but how to thrive in dynamic conditions that require constant change!

A business must continually assess and align its business strategy to face change, and adapt to reach its goals in the best possible way. Organizational agility” has now become critical to business success and businesses rely on it as a key source of competitive advantage. Organizational agility describes a company’s ability to quickly shift and adapt when conditions change. Organizational agility can help companies react successfully to:
• emerging competition
• industry-changing technologies
• sudden shifts in market conditions
• identified business opportunities

But it’s not just organizations that need to change…it’s the people within them. They’ll be the ones who’ll have to do things differently and act in different ways — even think differently. And that’s not easy because people are beings of habit and…

Change is disruptive.

And disruption can lead to fear, uncertainty, confusion…resistance. Less gets done, valued employees leave, absenteeism increases, the rumor mill soars, some people check-out, some become apathetic, and others may even sabotage efforts. So in the long run…

Change isn’t totally implemented and results aren’t fully realized.  Your efforts have failed.

None of this is good for your employees, your business, your customers or your bottom line!
After all, an organization’s level of agility depends on its people…and how quickly and effectively they can adapt to change.
When you manage change effectively, you can minimize resistance and cost while maximizing adoption and return by…

Helping people transition to the new way.

And that’s what Change Management is…a process to help move people and organizations from where they are to a new way of being and doing things.

You need change management if you want to:
• respond faster to customer demands
• assess the impacts of change & readiness for change
• minimize resistance to change
• increase employee engagement, communication & collaboration
• maintain day-to-day operations & service delivery while in transition
• increase the success of change & reduce the risk of failure
• reduce timeline for implementing change
• increase the benefits & decrease negative effects of change
• reduce costs to implement change
• decrease stress, overwhelm & change saturation
• enhance performance, productivity & morale
• provide what people need to succeed in change
• make the change sustainable

Change is inevitable.  Successful change can be, too!

Foxfire Consulting helps people feel good about change so the best change can happen.  Whether is transition coaching or change management advisory services, we provide the tools and strategies needed to make transitions more quickly, smoothly, and with greater meaning so they become long lasting and sustainable.  We also offer workshops in managing the people side of change for leadership development, project managers, managers/supervisors, and employees.

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